REDHAC urges Cameroonians to dialogue among themselves to end social tension and insecurity

Cameroonians have been called upon to open up to each other in order to tackle prevailing social challenges affecting the community. These as people  of all works of life and shades of opinions from the ten regions of the country converged on Douala to reflect on ways and means of ensuring sustainable security and preventing conflicts in Cameroon.

The Inter-community Dialogue Forum holding at “Salle de Fête” Akwa was organised by the Human Defense Network for Central Africa REDHAC with the technical and financial support of the European Union and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung foundation.

It took the projection of the film “Saraphina’ for the dialogue message to be echoed. In the movie, a small girl, Saraphina braves the odds to speak out for black emancipation during the apartheid period in South Africa, where black South Africa were officially marginalized and discriminated against. .

The dialogue forum is coming at a time when the sociopolitical and security situations of Cameroon is worsening. And the movie is timely according to REDHAC. ” We want to see how Cameroonians can speak as a people. The movie showcases the experience during the apartheid period where hatred crept in to the society because people could talk among themselves, ” Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, the Executive Director of REDHAC rold reporters.

At a time when tribalism, hate speech and secession have gained firm roots in the social fabric of Cameroon, REDHAC is appealing to the consciences of all and sundry. Ngo Mbe reiterates, ” For some time now, we have been talking but not listening. It is important for us to start talking and listening to each other in order for us to solve our differences.”

Recommendations were made on four themes, amongst them was how the Military could have a better relationship with the population in times of crisis. A strong message was sent to the country’s leaders to open up to counter shades of opinions so that, they will be able to end the Anglophone separatist conflict rocking the North West and South West regions and the post electoral skirmishes involving Maurice Kamto abd the CRM.

Several personalities like Cardinal Christain Tumi and 2018 Presidential candidate Serge Espoir Matomba were present at the tink tank.

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